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It's true, CM Auto Sales is under new management (specifically, I worked with Sam). I recently purchased a 2008 Subaru Impreza hatchback and I couldn't be happier. Sam posted a listing for the car on Craigslist and I called on it to see if I could set up a time to see it. Sam offered to drive it to our house (!) (we live in Somerville - very close to CM Auto Sales) that same night so we could check it out. So convenient. It was in near mint condition and the price was great. Sam explained that his philosophy was that he only buys cars that he would by himself. I was impressed by Sam all around. The car had been washed and cleaned inside and out. He had the AutoCheck (same as Carfax) report printed out for me so I could review the vehicle's history. You can tell Sam cares about the details and that makes all of the difference. He went above and beyond to make the experience easy for me. He drove the car to my house multiple times and hand delivered the paperwork! Outstanding customer service. He prices them very competitively. Don't expect to negotiate much....he prices as low as he can go. I like this actually...I sort of hate the bargaining song and dance that is expected at most used car dealerships. I did have my mechanic (CLM Auto) take a look at this car before I bought it. This was mostly because of the low Yelp reviews...so I was a bit skeptical. It checked out just fine and I've been driving it for about a month now. The used car industry can be shady and I've had bad experiences in the past. This place is one of the good ones. I'm so happy with my Subaru. I highly recommend buying a car from Sam!

I have been to CM vehicles twice. The first time that i went, some other people have talked to me, to be more specific a Brazilian woman, she was nice but not that much, turns out that i did not buy a car, but a few weeks ago went there for the second time. Now CM is under a new management, totality different then the first time there. I recently bought a Ford Focus 2003 at CM, and i cannot complain about anything, the car has been working pretty well, hasn't give me any major problems so far. I honestly had not to worry about nothing, just signing the papers and making sure i had everything that Sam needed to close the deal. Sam basically took care of everything pretty much, he was very concern about everything , I had to worry about nothing honestly. I am very happy about my purchase, very happy about Sam's work, i have nothing to complain about CM vehicles.

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